• Leather Care

    Practical and elegant, leather has been used to make quality garments and many other things for thousands of years. It is known for its durability, water-resistant and enduring extreme temperatures. With the proper care, a quality leather garment can last a lifetime. You should follow the cleaning and care rules detailed below to enjoy years …

  • How to combine silver leather jackets?

    After silver colors became fashionable, most of us did not know how to combine them. Beautiful colors create magnificent looks when combined with pieces in original cuts. However, the chaos created by these flashy, bright and extraordinary colors in the clothes causes the combinations to be challenging. Based on this situation, we prepared three different …

  • How to combine in black fur coat?

    How is it combined with the most preferred black fur coats? The glamorous black fur coat combination ideas of the new season are waiting for you. (The models here are selected from the best selling black coats on Instagram)  No matter what they say, black is the king of the fashion world! Black suits everyone, …

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    Suede leather jacket womens colors and combinations

    It is the important style that fashion designers have prepared for this season. The most common suede jacket colors are cream, light brown and dark brown. These three colors are the most commonly used and preferred. If you want to get rid of the ordinary, you can choose some vibrant suede jackets. It is in …

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    Parka Military Features

    Fabric Features of Outwear Parka Military Jacket Parka military can be made with camouflage pattern. Characteristics of the camouflage pattern when compared to its corresponding colors, the tone differences should be at least 4. The material type of the plain pattern of parka military is polyester. The unit area mass should be at least 70 …

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    How to understand a quality leather jacket?

    Products such as leather shoes, wallets and belts that we use in our daily lives create similar questions in all of our minds. Is the product I bought genuine leather? What is the material used? In order to eliminate these question marks in your mind, we have explained the easy-to-understand techniques of the skin. Many …

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    Jean Jacket Trends

    Jean jacket It has been a remarkable fashion item since the dawn of the modern age. Whether in the form of jeans, jackets, shorts or shirts, we’ve seen jean jeans jackets of all generations in a variety of different styles as one of the most popular fabrics on the market. Quickly one of the most …